Our Services
Serving Mooresville and surrounding areas
Our facility is less than a mile from Davidson

1. Petsitting

   We also do horse care and exotics.  All care that would normally be given were you there to healthy pets only.  Ailing pets should always be with a vet.  We lavish with lots of loving care.  Mail/newspapers and miscellaneous daily activities as agreed upon.  Extensive labor would have extra fees as agreed upon.  
   Overnights:  Staying at your home for added comfort to your babies while you are away is available on a limited basis.  Plan ahead.  Book as soon as you can.   
   Consultation is always free.  We meet with you initially before adding you as our new friends.  This way the pet has its approval also.  Consultation generally takes 1 hour.  


   We do not itemize.  Rather all baths include nails, expressing anal glands, ear cleaning, trimming around the eyes for vision issues, hygiene cut, paw pads for easy stepping, massage, dental mini exam, overall mini happy assessment (eyes, gums, nose, teeth, ears, gait, tail).  The cut is added to the bath. 
   Appointment is necessary.  We try to have only one dog at a time to give the least stress possible to the dogs experience. 
   We allow a little play time in between initial cut and bathing to allow for the dog's comfort in the total experience.   
   We also offer transportation to and from as preferred by the owner.

3. Boarding

   We also offer the luxury of interactive, in home, boarding.  For the young well socialized dog this is a plus.  The  boarding is very limited.  Offered to only one or two families as a time.  This allows for a fun time for your dog to vacation while you do.  Your dog will get special one on one time.  A sense of safety and security will be given to your loved one. 
   Initial consultation at the dog's home is a must.  This allows us to see the true temperament of the dog.  Important to see the dogs acceptance of us as well.  Plan ahead for this as well. 
   After the initial consultation is complete simply calling and booking is all that is necessary.
Transpotation to and from the home is preferred.